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I'm a bleeding-heart liberal writer/Professional Blogger, high velocity feminist, all around resource website geek, and I'm unapologetically addicted to politics. rnrnI am notoriously verbose, and if given the opportunity will continue to live my life as a feminist blogger going by the name of Jessica (Dragonfly).rnrnI don't expect my liberal articles, essays, and rants to change anyone’s mind overnight. These ideas are up for discussion. All propaganda inevitably breeds criticism: true thinkers use that criticism to cultivate new theories and adapt. rnrnrnI hope to engage people in conversation about topics I find fascinating & challenge them to provoke me to seek out information and new light I may have never had access to previously. I’m NOT here to shove my thoughts/ideas down anyone’s throat. rnrnrnTo many readers of my political, and feminist blogs, it must seem like the only strategy I have is to excite and offend people with personal rhetoric and to glorify myself as the smartest broad with a dictionary and penchant for expletive-laden verbiage, and hell, it’s partly true . . . However, there’s a bit more to the metaphoric reams of newsprint with smudgy ink in my mind, the thousands of records and facts bought and sold, and the endless trips to rant land. These details are crucial tactics I employ to distract you from my diabolical attempt to overthrow all systems of oppression & strife and replace them with the opportunity to see that you can choose to live differently; surrounded by carefully chosen assets that enrich instead of serve. We all hold the propensity to be empowered to do this: to show people an alternative to the life they live now, an alternative that makes people willing to give up what little they have for the possibility of a new life. You can show people an alternative that encourages them to organize their lives themselves and introduce them to anti-authoritarian outlaws who don‘t want to liberate the masses but want the masses to liberate themselves. rnrnrnI don't want a revolution in which everything seems possible (and is!) initially yet within a brief time span implodes upon itself and returns to the same oppressive drudgery as it was before, only this time with a new boss. I am working toward something superior to that. . I'm no different from anyone else who wants a life of passion, choice, accountability, beauty, love, and intellectual bounty. rnrnrnPeople criticize my prose saying I romanticize & exaggerate the issues I cover. They are right; I do romanticize and I do sometimes exaggerate peoples’ struggle against a myriad of attacks however, I have a reason for this. Romanticizing & Exaggerating are literary tools to lure your audience in and capture their attention. Apparently, I like being read…so I have no intention of apologizing for utilizing this technique or to cease to employ it. And I will never, ever respond kindly to anyone - man, woman, vegetable, or mineral - who tells me to keep my mouth shut. I’m not a myopic person, I’m not going to placate anyone. All my thoughts and ideas are really obvious. I look at some other stuff and think it's limp, or think the person is not saying what they mean or they're not going all the way. People who tend to have a problem with what I have to say … usually have issues with the way I say it. It's a personality thing, and it's really weird since I usually don't know them. That kind of on-a-public-level venom is its own invention; it's got its own momentum and I'm fine with that. rnrnrnThings I Enormously Dislike: Rude, And Immature People, Indifference, Intolerance, And People Who Lack Compassion. My Passions In Life: Writing, Reading, Hidden Tracks, Poetry, Foreign Films, Spoken Word, And Henna. FAVORITE BOOKS: Anything By; Friedrich Nietzsche, Walt Whitman, Nikki Giovanni, Langston Hughes, Jane Austen, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Joyce, Albert Camus, Lord Byron, D.H. Lawrence, Maya Angelou, And Jack Kerouac. To Name A Few. BELIEFS: Life Is All About One Word... KARMA rn