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jeff delusio

I live in Canyon Lake, CA. I am 20 years old. I am a practicer of the Law of One, which means I am very, very spiritual. In fact I am probably the most enlightened spiritual person you will ever talk to. I am a male model and very very hot! Such is the subtle intellectual depth of my  career. I learned to read a couple of years ago. Wow! Everyone else I know is a non-reader!  I think science totally sucks, but sometimes I like to pretend I know what big words like string theory and evolution and the big bang really mean. Well I subjectively know all about the big bang. I met this blonde chick at Denny's last year, and wow, that was like man the biggest bang ever. I don't care what you think of me I will say whatever shallow crap comes out of my mouth at any time I feel like. In fact I just love to be disrespectful and ignorant all the time. It is my spiritual duty to let you all know what dumb fucks you are. Peace, happiness, love, and knowledge to you all ;)