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Hisashi Funami

Shaw Funami was born in Tokyo, worked in San Francisco, and has traveled all over the world for electronics business purposes. After being laid off, he formed his own business for Cross-Cultural Exchange, International Consulting, and Internet Business. His business belief is "Fill Missing Link." As you operate a business, you always have missing pieces of the puzzle. You can improve your business by continuing to fill your missing link. Shaw Funami is also known as an expert on cross-cultural exchange.

Experience and Expertise:

2002 - Present, Zhen International Incorporation, San Francisco, Tokyo, CEO, Chief Consultant
- International Business Consultation.
- Website-based service international alliance, M&A.
- Designed overseas outsourcing, HR exchange, and webpage design.
- Product introduction, such as Compact PC, Video Data Compression Software, etc.

2001 - 2002, International Network Security, Inc., Tokyo, Japan, Deputy CEO
- Engaged in general company management.
- Conducted Computer Network Security consultation and sales of security program.

1997 - 2001, Hitachi America, Ltd., Brisbane, California, Director, Multimedia Products
- Responsible for marketing and sales of Multimedia PC related products.
- Products include Color Printer, LCD Projector, Handheld PC, and LCD Monitor.
- Achieved record high sales of color printer (10M$/M) and LCD projector (5M$/M).
- Engaged in color printer sales expansion with an American OEM Partner. $56M inventories were all shipped out and completed collection of delinquent payments from same OEM Partner in 1 year.
- Initiated sales of new products, such as plasma display, digital camera, handheld PC, tablet PC, etc., in the US.

1996 - 1997, Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, Manager, Multimedia, PC and PC Peripheral
- Responsible for sales and marketing of color printers and new products, such as PC and handheld PC world wide.

1994 - 1996, Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, Manager, Asian Business Development - Promoted air conditioning and refrigeration joint venture establishment in Vietnam. - Succeeded in formation of industrial motor joint venture in Mumbai, India.

1987 - 1994, Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, Assistant Manager, American Business Development
- Concluded successful JV agreement renewal for Power Delivery JV.
- Successfully concluded technical collaboration agreement with GE on nuclear technology.
- Engaged in renewal of technical license agreement with GE on gas turbine technology.
- Participated in semiconductor JV with Texas Instruments.

1985 - 1986 Hitachi America, Ltd., New York
- Industrial robot

1981 - 1984 Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo