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Ermengarde Tenderstone

I am 52 years of age, the mother of one lovely daughter and grandmother of three, two girls and a boy. Although my college education is limited, I have had a rich life of experiences and exposure to so many things that many people have not encountered.  My life is llike an encyclopedia of diverse expereinces. I am concerned for the future of all humanity and everything else on this Earth.  I have an analytical mind and can formulate solutions and ideas fairly easily because I understand the roots of virtually all problems we face.  I am grateful for the big think forum because it gives me a place to share my insights, and I hope it will encourage others to absorb and pass on these things.  I tend to approach every issue from a different mindset than is so frequently seen in the mainstream media, in society, etc.  Sometimes I see solutions as so simple that I'm dismayed and confounded that humans tend to get stuck in messes we don't have to be stuck in. My hope is that in some small way my insights will lead to positive results for all.