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Nissan Maxima 3.5 SV Sport Performance A particular bright spot in the generally shining 2009 Nissan Maxima is the wonderfully light and precise steering that should be appreciated by both driving enthusiasts and casual commuters alike. With its combination of low-friction weighting and high feedback, the Maxima's steering can be manipulated with the delicate touch of one's fingertips on the well-formed steering wheel as every nuance of the road is transmitted from tires to skin. This, in combination with a taut chassis derived from the Altima, produces impressive handling that should please all but the most demanding enthusiasts. (Craig Kabot - Tuesday 03 February 2009) : Ford Edge Limited Names are important in the car business, and the moniker for the 2009 Ford Edge is particularly evocative. Ford was probably thinking Edge as in "cutting," but we find ourselves head-banging to Aerosmith as we grab the keys. "Livin' on the Edge!" we scream in unison, air guitars blaring. And once we're curbside, Ford's top-selling crossover SUV doesn't disappoint, flaunting optional chrome dubs and the shiniest grille this side of your favorite rapper. Nyc Parts Ford Flex Limited Comfort Passengers of all shapes and sizes tended to jump into the Flex's seats and immediately declare them to be very comfortable. In fact, despite being able to flip and fold better than Nastia Liukin, the two rows of backseats are nearly as comfy as those up front. The optional second-row captain's chairs slide and recline, providing tons of space for anyone (although they lack inboard armrests without the optional center console). A child seat is also very easy to install whether rear- or forward-facing. (Friday 17 February 2006 : Nycparts) Craig Kabot Nyc Parts Nycparts