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Charlie Todd

Founder, Improv Everywhere

Charlie Todd is the creator of Improv Everywhere (IE), an unorthodox comedy group based in New York City that advances the slogan "We Cause Scenes." IE has been profiled by national and international media, including The New York Times, The Today Show, and ABC's Nightline. Todd was interviewed on an episode of This American Life in 2005. While touching briefly on two missions ("No Pants" and "The Moebius"), the show focused on "Best Gig Ever" and "Ted's Birthday," and highlighted their unintended reactions. Improv Everywhere was also featured in the pilot episode for This American Life's television show on Showtime.

Charlie is also the editor of Urban Prankster, a blog, which covers pranks, hacks, participatory art, flash mobs, and other creative endeavors that take place in public places in cities across the world.