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Casey Quinlan

I'm a storyteller, media consultant, speaker, and writer with an extensive background in broadcasting, theater, and stand-up comedy - I help companies and their customers get to "happily ever after". It really is all about the story. I work with organizations to create the authentic stories that connect them with their customers, that drive the growth and profit of their brand, and their business - the "signature story" that has their market beating a path to their door.
I studied theater at the University of San Francisco, American Conservatory Theater, HB Studios, and the American Comedy Institute, and during all that fun I embarked on a career in broadcast news and sports, covering stories for Dateline and Today, presidential campaigns, wars, presidential campaigns that turned into wars, NFL Playoff games, Stanley Cup hockey, and the NBA. My theater and improv training came in handy when I had to talk my way out of police custody in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield in 1991. I talked my way out of jail, and then got to stay in Saudi for four months – I'm still not sure that was really a win, but it's a GREAT story!

I honed my in-the-moment skills doing stand-up comedy, performing at Caroline’s, Gotham Comedy Club, Catch A Rising Star, and the New York Comedy Club. After facing drunken hecklers, corporate audiences are a walk in the park.

I formed Mighty Casey Media in 2006. I work with companies to create and tell the authentic stories that instill passion and loyalty in their customers and their teams.