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Calvin Newn

I am a guitarist and a pianist. I really want a rock band and I don't really like to play the piano. But, I had no choice. I had to learn how to play it. The first time I started playing piano, I was very nervous about my first piano lesson. The first piano school I went to and played there is Yamaha School. It is right somewhere next to the mall (You will know where is it if you live in Brunei Darussalam).Then, I left the Yamaha School and went to Expression Music School. Why? Don't ask me, ask my mother.I am comming Grade three (Or mabye, Grade 3 already?). Even though I am Grade Three, my teacher keep teaching me songs which are Grade three and above. He even thought me how to play Fantasie Impromptu. It is a Grade 8+/Diploma song. When I was grade two inpiano class, I started guitar class. I'm just Grade one in guitar class and now, instead of playing the songs from the book, I played the songs that the professional guitarist composed. For example: Crazy, When I'm Gone by Simple Plan, Black Magic Woman by Santana, Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns & Roses, Oh Pretty woman by Roy Orbison, It's my life by Bon Jovi, Wake me up when September ends by Green Day, Numb by Likin Park, etc. I was born in 15th November 1998. One day, I realised that I have Photographic Memory. It was the day when I was Primary Four. But now I am Primary Five. Guys, People outside somewhere there. I know you're there. Please remember my birthday. (15th November 2008) I will be here in my birthday. Dont forget to wish me happy birthday. Any questions? You can ask me.