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Wow! Magnitude 5.9 earthquake in Virginia

Brief post, but we just felt that M5.9 earthquake that occurred in Virginia (see top left) here in Ohio. My third floor office was swaying pretty good, but my wife at home in the village (less than a mile away and on a ground floor) didn’t feel a thing. I lived for 10 years in California, Oregon and Washington and only noticed the lights sway (barely) during the 2001 Nisqually – this earthquake today was the real thing.

UPDATE 2:30 PM: Here is some information on historic seismicity in Virginia. Also, the USGS is already updating the “Did you feel it?” map for the earthquake – impressively widespread. You can go to that same page to report any shaking you felt as well.

UPDATE 2:50 PM: Some good and questionable info from USA Today on the earthquake. The revised depth of the earthquake from the USGS seems to be fairly shallow (1-5 km, but poorly constrained) with a reverse motion – possibly associated with the Appalachians.

UPDATE 4:00 PM: Wow, looks like some damage (video) in parts of Virginia.

More details as I hear them – and if you felt it, post it here!


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