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Win a Copy of Jason Fried’s “Rework”

Tomorrow at 2:00 PM EST, Big Think will host a live-streamed interview

with the Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals and author of the modern

workplace manifesto “Rework.”

Fried’s thoughts on the future of business, leadership, and technology

have stirred strong feelings in the many readers of his blog and books,

as well as in those who have followed the success of his company


Now is your chance to ask Jason a question and to win a copy of

“Rework.” Send your questions to Jason by emailing Big Think

( and if we use your question in the interview we will

send you a copy of “Rework.”

Tomorrow at 2:00 PM EST, tune in for Jason’s talk on the “New Workplace

in the New Normal,” which is the latest in HP’s Input | Output series on

leaders that are inspiring innovative thinking.


Watch and participate at Big Think and at the HP Input | Output Web site.

Don’t miss this event. Until then, check out Jason’s blog Signal vs. Noise, his Twitter feed, and his earlier Big Think interview.


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