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Vanity 101

In the experiment in vanity that is Waq al-waq, I have added a post, which has its own permanent link on the sidebar of a list of non-academic articles. So basically most of the things I’ve written on Yemen that were not for academic journals, encyclopedias, consulting firms or other closed source writing. I would like to say that this is in bowing to popular demand, but I won’t.

For those who might lack the patience to scroll down through them all, I would also add that the new section: Talking Yemen has its own link on the side as well.

A similar list of Brian’s articles will also be added shortly and there are a few other surprises – although the coffee mugs may have to wait unless we are overwhelmed with orders.


Up Next
News Yemen helps to explain the strategic importance of Jabal Dukhan and gives a bit more information, which is helpful since the mountain is not in my mu’ajim al-buldan.