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UWISC-MADISON’S SCIENCE AND MEDIA RESEARCH GROUP: Faculty and Grad Students Examine Dynamics of Science Controversies

Last weekend, I was at the annual meetings of the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research, where I met up with longtime collaborators Dietram Scheufele and Dominique Brossard. Along with Sharon Dunwoody, the three faculty members at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have launched the Science and Media Research Group (SMRG).

The interdisciplinary group of faculty and graduate students are currently working on projects related to stem cell research, nanotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, and global health issues, to name just a few topics.

Pictured from left to right are Phd student Rosalyna Wijaya, visiting fellow Cristina Rodriguez Luque, yours truly, Professor Dietram Scheufele, and Phd student Shirly Ho . Not shown, but behind the camera, was Dominique Brossard.

If you are interested in this research area or these topics, Wisconsin is the best doctoral program for you (plus Madison is a fun town.) Contact Dietram at for more information (and check out his Nanopublic blog as well.)


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