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Thursday Tidbits … and Eruptions goes on break

Eruptions will be on a little break for a week ... but before that, a few updates including fire fountains at Slamet.

This will likely be my last new post for the next week or so. I’ll be off to my home town for a wedding and a reunion. If you’re jonesing for up to date volcano info, be sure to visit the Volcanism Blog or the European Volcanological Society news page. Feel free to post any other links you know or breaking volcano news over on the open thread as well! I will be posting a couple pieces over this next week, including the next volcano profile, so stay tuned for those as well. Regular posting of new volcano news should return June 15.

Mt. Redoubt in Alaska steaming in spring 2009. Image courtesy of Calvin Hall.

A couple brief updates:

  • The current eruption at Mt. Slamet in Indonesia sounds pretty impressive according to the latest reports. Observers logged 60 eruptions on Wednesday night, including fire fountains “reaching between 50 to 700 meters high above the summit.” Masks will be distributed for any potential increased ash emissions.
  • There are a couple articles looking at the social impact of the current Redoubt eruption. The first is a request for data (in the form of survey participation) for a study on the impact of ash fall on society near the volcano and methods to educate people on the hazards of ash. The other is a bit of a fluff piece on how Redoubt is quite the sight for anglers in Alaska this summer – my guess it is a gentle reminder that as of right now, fishing is unaffected by the ongoing eruption. Alaska is currently entering the lucrative tourist season in the northern state.

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