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This is Where the Cheese Gets a Bit More Binding (Updated)

For those of you, who like me, missed Hamid al-Ahmar on al-Jazeera yesterday, you are definitely going to want to find a transcript of the program, as al-Ahmar calls on Salih to step down hand over power to the vice president and hold new elections. Mareb Press has this early summary.

Update: I am up early this morning and thanks to the good people at Mareb Press we can all watch Hamid al-Ahmar on al-Jazeera, (or at least one part). I think his comments on the US may surprise some people I met recently. Also for those who were wondering, he doesn’t take money from Saudi. My personal favorite part is when he is asked if he is going to return to Yemen after what he just said about the president, and he says “of course, without a doubt.” I imagine this is something that shocks people that don’t follow Yemen, but of course comes as no surprise to those reading this blog. Right, gang?

Once the transcript becomes available on al-Jazeera I will post it here.


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