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The Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm of 2010 marches on

Sure enough, the last 2 days of earthquakes at Yellowstone seem to be getting shallower – but do we see any other changes in the caldera? UPDATE: now with error bars!

Steaming, gurgling mudpots in the active hydrothermal system of Yellowstone.

For those of you following earthquakes since 1/27 (see below) – and sure enough, although there is a lot of scatter, they are getting shallower – however what this exactly means is unclear. You can see my plots from

UPDATED: Now with error bars! The line divides the well constrained (to left) from the poorly constrained (to right).

This all being said, YVO’s current status statement still reads:

At this time, YVO scientists and their collaborators have detected no anomalous ground deformation, strain, or increased thermal activity that could indicate precursory activity to phenomena such as steam explosions or volcanic eruptions. As such, the Volcanic Alert Level remains at Normal (Aviation Color Code of Green).”

So, again, without abundant evidence to suggest otherwise, the swarm has shown no indications that this is magma related. The earthquakes are shallower right now, but again, we need to look at this information with an abundance of caution. YVO posted yesterday


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