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The Wages of Ignorance, Part 1

This depressed me. There is some controversy over an Israeli company signing a contract with the Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas Company to help on a project with the Liquefied Natural Gas Project, one of the- if not the- most important economic project in Yemen’s modern history. The YLNG is dismissing such reports, saying they are untrue and, as “As the government is a shareholder in the project through the (YLNG) and the Yemen Insurance Company and as the chairman of the board of directors is Yemen’s minister of Oil and Minerals, Israeli companies can not be part of the project.” This makes sense to me. On the one hand, you can enlist the aid of the most technologically savvy country in the region to help on a project vital to the future of the country. Or, on the other hand, screw it.

Look, I get it. It isn’t politically viable, it would create a ton of controversy which isn’t needed, would probably lead to some protests or another, and help militants denounce the pipeline as a Western-Zionist plot or something. And I am also not dismissing Israel’s culpability in all of this. It is just depressing that a project that could help Yemen’s backslide into chaos is hampered by the same forces it is working against.


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