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The State Of Our Union Is Hilarious

There was so much pre-speech talk about last night’s State of the Union address that President Obama’s quip “so I guess I don’t have to give it now” to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as he entered the House of Representatives last night was probably only half in jest. This obsession by the media with what would be said for the last few days turned a lot of the post-speech analysis and the official and unofficial responses to it into unintentional comedy shows.

Although I didn’t tweet during the speech itself, I did share a few observations of my own with my Twitter pals as the evening unfolded – my PG rated tweets are below:  

The pregame for the State of the Union is worse than the pregame for NFL games

Why are Paul Ryan’s eyes so red? Doesn’t he know we are watching this in high definition?

Cornell Belcher is what Al Sharpton looks like when his perm grows out

Paul Ryan is the new Sally Struthers – ‘only 33 cents a day will feed an entire family’

Michelle Bachmann wants to be the Lady Gaga of politics – without the irony

1 GOP response…2 GOP responses…10,000 GOP responses – don’t these people know ‘it takes a nation of millions to hold us back’?

Alvin Greene of SC will be next with the Democratic response to the GOP response as soon as he finds his green family reunion t-shirt

The SOTU jokes were pretty corny. Need to put the speechwriter on a two speech suspension

The speech was long. It did what long speeches by our presidents tend to do – focus on the things they want to emphasize, and ignore the things they don’t. It also gave much of the nation an hour long view of the fidgety new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and the eye rolling moments that someone even now is editing into a Youtube video.  And it reminded us that our vice president, Joe Biden, who has discovered even more ways to mug for the cameras than he had back when he was the senior senator from Delaware, has got to be hands down the all-time “most likely to strike a pose” VP in the nation’s history.

Yes, Mr. President, in these perilous times the state of our union may yet be strong, but there is no doubt that it is also hilarious.


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