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The most innovative B-schools in America

The Wall Street Journal recently ranked the best business schools in America according to a number of criteria, including a list of the 10 MBA programs that produce the most creative and innovative students. The list primarily includes B-schools with a strong reputation for technology and entrepreneurship, but a few other stellar performers — including Yale University — cracked the Top 10:

(1) Stanford
(2) MIT Sloan
(3) Kellogg
(4) Carnegie Mellon
(5) Dartmouth Tuck
(6) Cal-Berkeley Haas
(7) UCLA Anderson
(8) Yale
(9) Babson
(10) Harvard

Mad props to Dean Podolny and former Dean Garten for their role in putting together such an innovative program at Yale!

[image: Yale’s “Handsome Dan” on the cover of Sports Illustrated]


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