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“The Leonardo da Vinci of our time”

The current issue of GOOD magazine has a great profile of Buckminster Fuller and his many prolific ideas. While many may be familiar with Fuller for coining terms like “Spaceship Earth” and his famous geodesic domes, he was also the “godfather of today’s sustainability movement” and a brilliant thinker in nearly every discipline. Fuller designed one of the first environmentally friendly cars way back in 1933, created an early version of the first-ever computer simulation, and implored other architects and designers to find collective solutions to humanity’s greatest problems. He also created “the most documented life in history,” collecting minutiae from his life every 15 minutes! (Twitter, anyone?)

The most fascinating part of the profile of Buckminster Fuller, though, is GOOD magazine’s illustrated collection of ideas that never made it past the prototype stage — like the “fog gun showers,” floating cities and “omni-medium” air and maritime transport machines that could “take off and land like an eagle or duck, without any prepared landing fields.”

[image: Buckminster Fuller]


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