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The End of Cable TV?

Close to 90 percent of U.S. households still subscribe to pay TV in one form or another but 2011 may be the year of "cord cutting" and the end of cable television.

Netflix transformed itself from a DVD rental service to an online streaming company in 2010, and it’s willing to spend big bucks to accelerate its online growth. Netflix will have to renegotiate its Starz deal next year, which could lead to it spending a lot more for Hollywood movies—but we will undoubtedly also see a number of major content deals, especially with media companies that haven’t been able to cash in on TV Everywhere or online VOD. The Saturday Night Live deal was groundbreaking, and I predict that we are gonna see at least one other major TV brand to come to Netflix next year, be it The Daily Show, Conan or something along those lines.


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