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Take Two in Abyan

Hours after AQAP pulled off one ambush in Abyan, they were back at it, ambushing another convoy of soldiers this afternoon.

This time they attacked a convoy (Ar) that included the commander of the 111th Mechanized Brigade, Muhsin Juzaylan as well as the head of public security in Lawdar, Ali Awadh, with what – from the sounds of this News Yemen piece (Ar) – sounds like an IED.   Both security officials escaped  – some reports have Juzaylan suffering minor injuries some have him unharmed.  At least four soldiers seem to have been killed in the second attack. 

The AP has a roundup of both attacks here

Does anyone else notice how disciplined AQAP is being?  Attack after attack and no civilian casualties.  Instead they go after exactly who they said they were going after, leaving the population at large unharmed. 

This is a major lesson learned from Saudi Arabia that the organization seems to be implementing well in Yemen. 


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