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Social and Cultural Change

The Cumulative Impact of Converging Socio-Cultural Trends

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Transitioning to a Planetary Culture: Trend Convergence and the Case for Socio-Cultural Transformation

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  1. The Forgotten Language
  2. Astro-Mythology: The Basis for Theme Recurrence
  3. The Thematic Meaning of the 4 Seasons
  4. Template for the 4 Phase Cyclical Process
  5. The Pain of Convergence Dynamics
  6. Convergence Dynamics and the Recurrent Theme of Transition
  7. Bound to Repeat
  8. A Case in Theme Convergence: The Aquarian Age, the Christian Apocalypse and Mayan Calendar System.
  9. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Apocalyptic Theme: A culture who trends towards war and self destruction
  10. The Real Villains
  11. The Closing Chapter of a World at War: The Book of Revelations
  12. The Silver Lining
  13. The Fork in the Road
  14. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Complex: Escape from Saharasia
  15. Militarism: The Greatest Menace the World has ever Seen
  16. “What would Jesus do” and what the “Second Coming” really means
  17. The “End of the Mayan Calendar” and the “End of the World” Theme
  18. The Question of the Aquarian New Age Mis-Alignment
  19. The Case for Socio-Cultural Transformation
  20. “The Battle to End All Battles is Non-violent
  21. A Forgotten Language

    the-forgotten-language-by-erich-frommIn part one of Prophecy Demystified I sought to explain how the popularized and corrupted notion of prophecy has come to mean specific events-predicted long ago to occur at some singular point in the future. A case of mythic illiteracy.

    Mythic illiteracyis what Eric Fromm’s book The Forgotten Language is all about.

    Mythic illiteracymeans we no longer understand the language that modern humans have used for 99.5% of their 200,000 year history. The mythic language refers to symbols, imagery, allegory and metaphor as used to convey meaning, understanding and the deeper truths of reality……….

    The Real Meaning of Prophecy

    What popularizers call prophecy is a recurrent themewhich is either specificto a given culture or universal in

    The fractal nature of things is what I mean a recurrent theme. Fractal nature applies to events and process as much as the shape of things
    Fractal nature applies to events and processes as much as to the shape of things

    nature and therefore common to all cultures. Popularized prophecy claims are usually referring to the ending, resolution, transitional or transformative stage of a story.

    The mythic illiteratemisinterpret the events detailed in the closing chapters of ancient stories as yet to occur, when if fact they occur “all the time”.

    The primary difference between each occurrence is one of scale and magnitude, yet the theme remains the same.

    Either the sun has reached high noon and is now setting or the sun has reached the highest point in the sky on the summer solstice and has begun to set towards the winter solstice.

    Same theme, but different scale. Understanding the fractal nature of things and reality helps to understand what is meant by theme recurrence.

    Whether it is a cell dividing, or a business opening another branch or a human mother giving birth, the theme of each instance is basically the same– renewal, transition and new beginnings.

    Astro-Mythology: The Basis for Theme Recurrence

    seasons1Astro-mythology or the sun centric story of seasonal or theme variation is the base story telling template for the universal four stage process of cyclical development and is a fundamental and universal form constant.

    For example: The 4 elements of nature; earth, wind, fire and water.  The 4 states of matter; solid, liquid, gas and plasma. The 4 directions; north, south, east and west.  The four chambers and the four beat process of the heart.[3] The 4 forces of nature.

    The 4 base chemicals which make up the rungs of DNA molecule– the blueprint for all living creatures.  The 4 dimensions of Space-time, there are 3 dimensions of space and 1 of time. There are countless others instances of the presence of 4 as a universal form constant and as a 4 phase cyclical process…….


    The Thematic Meaning of the 4 Seasons.

    Template for the Universal 4 Phase Cyclical Process.

    Winter is
    The 4 phases of cell division. Cell division is simply a cellular level representation of the universal 4 phase cyclical process.

    1.Transition towards Birth and Emergence: The Winter solstice brings an end to the maximum declination ofthe sun. A season of decline transitions into a season of increase.

    2. Birth and Emergence: The Spring equinox brings us new beginnings and the growth, vitality and exuberance of youth.

    3. Maturation: TheSummer solstice brings us to the peak of physical maturity, purpose and the work of our lives.

    4. Transition towards Death and Dissolution: The Fall equinox brings full maturity of being and the inexorable decline towards dissolution and re-emergence once more.

    Transitionis a gradual constant throughout the 4 stage process, but there is one point in the cycle where the transition processes peak and that point is characterized by an abrupt and dramatic event and that is stage of birth. This brings us to the question this report seeks to answer.

    If the primary thematic difference between the meaning of a day and the meaning of a year is one of scale and magnitude then what other cycles might there be where we might experience even more pronounced effects?

    For a more in depth look at the ideas of mythic literacy, the misnomer of prophecy, astro-mythology and recurrent themes please see Prophecy Demystified: The Non-Existent “Mayan Prophecies” and the Real Meaning of “Prophecy”

    The Pain of Convergence Dynamics

    converging-elementsLets say you are taking care of three infants when all of sudden the phone rings, you answer and you’ve been told your dog has escaped.

    Then the doorbell rings because the pizza has arrived and the three infants awaken crying because they have been startled by the doorbell.

    You are now the hapless victim of convergence dynamicsand you are feeling the stress from having so many events converge on you simultaneously. We have all experienced convergence dynamics in one way or another.

    Convergence dynamicsoccur “all the time” and vary only in thematic content,scale and magnitude. Four people talking in a room is intelligible. Forty people talking in a room is a cacophony.

    The convergence of sunlight and rain at just the right angle results in a rainbow. Three factors converge at the right time and position and something novelor new emerges from the intersection of 3 events or elements.

    The scale in which the above example occurred is that of the individual. Convergence dynamicsapplies to groups, communities, regions, nations, groups of nations and finally the planet as a whole.

    A real life example of a planetary-scaled convergence-propelled transition is the cycle of the ice ages.

    Scientists know that ice ages occur when 3 large-scale time cycles known as Milankovitch Cycles converge in specific ways so as to favor the cooling of the planet. As the cycles converge the cooling begins.

    As the 3 cycles begin to deconverge the planet gradually begins to warm again.

    Ice age cycles are larger scale versions of the year and day cycle with regards to the heating and cooling of the planet

    Convergence dynamics occur whenever two or more factors converge or deconvergeand the result of said process engenders the emergence of novelqualities. The convergence of your fathers sperm with your mothers egg resulted in the novel you.

    The novel qualities in the case of ice ages are the fluctuation in the average temperature of the earth which in turn results in the build up snow or the melting of ice. The greater the number of elements or factors converging or deconverging the greater and more pronounced the effects.

    Waves out of phase
    Waves out of phase means out of synch or deconverged. When red sound wave and pink sound wave converge a green sound results with increased amplitude meaning it carries more sound energy as a result. Increased amplitude is the novelty. A wave is used to describe a cycle and vice versa. Now simply assign any value you want to the waves. For example each wave could stand for a person. The red and pink waves stands for two people in disagreement. The Green waves stands for two people in agreement. If I vote for candiate x and you vote for candidate y we cancel each others votes but if we both vote for the same candidate then progress results. Some waves are invisible and some are visible. This report is about hard to see waves or cycles that pertain to socio-cultural development.

    Convergence Dynamics and the Recurrent Theme of Transition

    The convergence of a planet in a state of environmental crisis with 6.5 billion people in varying degrees of socio-cultural disarray alludes to a looming planetary scale size event.

    This report begins to investigate a body of knowledge which allows us to know in advance the approach of junctureswhere the effects of converging cycles are felt in abrupt and sudden ways.

    This report is applying convergence dynamics to 3 bodies of mythological lore–of which one is technical–to see if there are any correspondences with actual conditions on planet earth.

    The understanding is that mythological stories are based on the knowing that themes recur with constancy and periodicity.

    By applying convergence dynamics to theme recurrence we may be able to understand a very fundamental property of how events organize and when they are likely to take place and what we might expect with regards to scale and magnitude.

    Not the Mayan Calendar. But a the primary subset cycle
    The Tzolkin is not a calendar as we understand them, but rather a code for a recurring process inherent in the very essence and structure of reality. The 20 colored icons are representative of recurring themes. and they constitute one of 3 cycles.  The dots and dashes represent stages in a  process and they constitute a cycle of 13. The 4 colors represent the third and final cycle of the Tzolkin.    Key convergence junctures happen when numerical subsets nest. For example:  4 does not evenly divide into 13 and neither does 13 into 20 and therefore we can say that 4 and 20 are out of phase or they don’t converge with the number 13. But as the number sequence progresses interesting things begin to happen. Number 52 is a juncture for 4 and 13. 4 times 13 equal 52. A cycle of 4 converges with a cycle of 13. The cycle of 20  converges with 4 and 13 at the number 260. 13 times 20 = 260. The Tzolkin is is the foundation of every other cycle the Maya mapped. For example. The long count cycle that ends on Dec. 21 2012 can be described  in various Mayan calendri-numerical terms. It can be said that on Dec. 21, 2012  13 baktuns cycles complete or that 260 katuns complete or that 5200 Tun complete or 7200 Tzolkin cycles complete or that 93,600 20-day Uinal cycles complete. This is why Dec, 21, 2012 is such a big deal for an enormous amount of cycles converge and as we know converging cycles add up. I will dedicate several future reports to even more fascinating insights into the what the Tzlokin is and means and how all-encompassing it truly is.

    The Tzolkin facet of the Mayan calendar system maps convergence dynamics and theme recurrence in a precise and systematic way.

    In this report we are examining the convergence of the Christian Apocalyptic theme, the Aquarian-Zodiac New Age theme, the end of a 5125 year time cycle as measured by Maya-Meso American Calendrics and a rare astronomical event.

    The question is–what does our knowledge of cycles allow us to say about the possible meaning of such correspondences? That is a question I will strive to answer beginning with this report.

    My work strives to show how the convergence of the 4 items listed above with the present conditions on planet earth is not a random meaningless coincidence, but rather evidence for the existence of a self-organizing principle inherent in the very fabric of the cosmos.

    Bound to Repeat

    The cyclical nature of life–the animate–and the seasons–the inanimate–reveals the fundamental and universal properties of constancy and theme recurrence as the stage setting for an equally constant set of characters in which change is merely the exchange of costume and mask.

    Over time people noticed the repetition of themes and their stories would reflect those repetitive theme patterns. Once we understand that repetitive theme patterns occur with knowable regularity then we can make generalizations about what to expect at least thematicallyin the future.

    Prophecy as it has come to be popularly misunderstood is an exaggerated, mystical term for trend analysis and forecast based on knowledge of the cyclical nature of reality.

    Mayan calendrics and various other models help pinpoint junctures where convergence dynamics are apt to be minimized or maximized and with respect to a specific and predetermined range of qualities.

    A Case in Theme Convergence: The Aquarian Age, the Christian Apocalypse and Mayan Calendar System.

    The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Apocalyptic Theme: A culture who trends towards war and self destruction

    The Judean culture has been steeped in a history of constant warfare. Warfare was as constant theme for the Israelites as much as water is common motif for Island people.

    The Middle East has been the site of constant warfare since about 3500 BC. It might be said the history of the Middle East is the history of war.

    The Europeans(the converted Judeo-Christians) not only inherited Christianity, but they also inherited a world view

    one version of the fall according to peter-breughel-the-elder
    The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Complex is the meaning of Apocalypse as it was born of Apocalypse and so it knows no other way. It is a traumatized culture suffering from a collective case of PSTD. Please refer to the link further down on Saharasia for an understanding into the traumatized foundations of Western civilization

    in which war was seen as integral if not essential part of life.

    We now come to a culture specificfeature when it comes to the thematic contentof a cultures story……….

    The Real Villains

    It it important to know just who the promoters of war are. They are the extremely aggressive and savage alpha males who over the centuries have established themselves in the upper echelons of politics and commerce. They are the one who plot and concoct the strategies of imperial conquest.

    The people have no need for war. It is only the insatiable appetite and ambition of the most extreme alpha males that drives the engine of war and conquest.  So when I speak of a culture of war I am referring to the alpha males in key leadership positions who don’t give a  second thought about killing and waging mass destruction for profit.

    Who were the cheerleaders for war in Nazi Bermany, but Hitler and his support structure. Who were the herman-goering-militarismcheerleaders for War on Iraq, but Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and a handful of other neo-cons and talking heads. And who are the cheerleaders, but alpha males at the top echelons of business and politics.

    The US leadership used the pretext of a rogue state with the capacity to inflict damage on the United States to justify the invasion of Iraq. And we know what they found—Oil.

    When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other in order that the people may require a leader.

    – Plato

    The Closing Chapter of a World at War

    The last story of the Bible, The Book of Revelations is thought to have been written around 69 to 95 AD. The author is believed to have lived somewhere in the heart of the Roman empire.

    Empire means territory acquired through violence. The author was surrounded by the violence of the Roman Empire.  The author, however, projects a trend with a certain positivism.

    The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse.  (War, Famine, Pestilence and Death), by Viktor Vasnetsov (1887)

    The author speaks in the mytho-symbolic terms of his culture and attributes an intervention to the realm of the divine.

    Whatever the mechanism maybe the symbolic gist of the story is that warfare will reach such a grand climax that we will be exhausted from it and no longer want to support it………

    The Silver Lining

    lake-and-landscapeThe author of the Book of Revelations was writing about the trends of his day and of the trends of the culture he had inherited.

    But he wrote an ending in which war would be abolished and a regeneration of earth and heaven would ensue. “For he saw a new heaven and a new earth”.

    In other words we must acknowledge limits. There are limits to all processes including empire building which can only grow via militarism.

    The question is to what extent will we allow our governments and corporations to trash our environment and our society and the societies of the world?…….

    The Fork in the Road

    Either of the three above mentioned pathways involves transition. Transition is usually stressful and or painful in some way. Whether the process is childbirth, drug rehab, moving, leaving a relationship, death of a loved one or socio-cultural upheaval--transition implies strain.

    We are all presently feeling the strain of some ongoing and impending transition. We go through these cycles every 11.3 years. It’s called the solar sunspot cycle and they correspond with recessionary periods and the out break of wars.

    And that is because strained situations can easily boil over into crisis. The question is how profound will the peak of the current cycle be.

    Sunspot cycles and thier intensity based on the number of spots per month.

    2012 corresponds with the peak of the current solar cycle. The Soviet Union broke up during the peak of the 1990 recessionary period which also corresponded with a solar maximum.

    The above graph also shows a solar maximum correspondence with the 9-11 event and start of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. In a future report I well delve further into the solar sunspot cycle and its correspondence with increased socio-cultural activity……….

    The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Complex: Escape from Saharasia

    saharasia by james demeoSaharasia is a term coined by Dr. James Demeo to describe the zone of devastation where the core cultural traits of Western civilization were forged and then passed on to other cultures like a virus.

    The primary carriers of this virus are the extreme alpha males leading Western civilization, aka the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Complex.

    There is a remedy for this sickness and its the people who carry the antidote and its called universal non-violent resistance. We won’t work “for the man” until he beats his sword into a plowshare.

    Click on picture for book review info.
    Click on picture for book review info.

    going to sleep to the sound of bombs and machine gun fire.

    The media does not show you the bloodied and torn bodies and the shattered mental-emotional lives of the survivors.

    The Western world wages war for resources in third world countries either directly or indirectly by supporting one one warring faction over another.

    Those that profit from war will continue to create reasons to use the tools of war.

    Those who profit from war are calloused human beings with no regard for life. The worst of the worst.

    The soldiers don’t know any better because they have been brainwashed into thinking that they are doing the right thing.

    Only when a critical mass of people finds out that war is about creating business opportunities and that Western governments invent reasons to go to war–will the tide turn against the war machine.

    Terrorism is a fabricated enemy to justify the current war mongering of the United States. It’s sole purpose is to install pro-western governments in traditionally anti-western countries in order to gain corporate access to a countries resources and to open up new markets to Western business

    The recurring culture specifictheme of Western Civilization is war for profit and gain–end of story.

    Therein lies the power of prophecy. Know the trends and you can make general predictions about the future. As long as the USA spends more 50% of its budget on the Military Industrial complex there will be war and our socio-environmental problems keep growing.

    Militarism: The Greatest Menace the World has ever Seen

    mic-budgetThe United States has been growing its military steadily since the end of World War two. The Military steals over 50% of the US budget.

    That means that more than half of each tax dollar the US government steals from you goes towards the business of killing people, destroying families, ruining lives and nations.

    By paying your taxes you are passively supporting warfare as an economic strategy.

    The Military Industrial Complex has hijacked the American government and the leaders of the United States have been preparing us for the Long war.

    Therefore theChristian apocalyptic theme is alive and well. The climax of war as way of life has not occurred  and the United States is biggest war machine the world has ever seen. The US spends more money on the war machine than all other nations combined. Warfare is an unsustainable practice both morally and environmentally, but when will we demand a stop to it.

    The only mechanism that keeps the people supporting warfare is the fabricated threat to their security. As long as governments keep creating enemies and threats the people will support war efforts.  Governments can only keep mic-vs-worldthe war machine going by lying.

    The US is militarily unopposed. The only mechanism available for exposing the lies of government is the rise of free flowing and multi-sourced information streams.

    The government, the corporations and the universities lost their monopoly on information when the internet was born.

    The unraveling of a system of domination and control is rapidly coming to an end simply because access to knowledge and information has been universalized.

    The trend of democratization or the shift of power from the few to the many is in full swing. Prior to the age of the internet it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to broadcast a message to the mass mind.

    Now anyone can go into an internet cafe pay 5 dollars or even less and broadcast a message to the world. Newspapers are failing weekly and commercial television is not far behind.

    “What would Jesus do” and what the “Second Coming” really means

    Who did Christ rail against during his life time? He saw the worst “evil” in the “money lenders” (Monetery-Banking system), the “hypocritical Pharisees“(prevailing religious culture of sexual perverts and backwardness) and the cold hard compassionless “Law”(prevailing secular culture)

    The world has not changed much in 2000 years, same themes different clothes and names, but the scale is now global in scope!

    Jesus is a mythic motif which stands for the values of fairness and compassion. He rebelled against the prevailing culture of his day and was killed for his revolutionary Ideas.

    Much like the others who have been killed for the same reasons, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., and John F. Kennedy to name just a few.

    The mythically interpreted“second coming of Jesus” means the emergence of fair minded people willing to stand up against goliath.

    Basically that means anyone who stands against the prevailing culture of exploitation, injustice and brutality, aka, the current world order.

    This means that if you are an activist working for human rights, the environment, gender balance, social justice, economic justice, fair trade, worker rights, animal rights, religious tolerance, disarmament or any other fair-minded policy then you represent the second coming of Christ and you are also an enemy of state.

    Christ is a symbol and it not the guilt ridden one were they tell you that he died for your sins. He was killed by the political-religious leaders of his day and then they subverted the reality of what he stood for by blaming his death on the most hideous lie ever invented “original sin”!!!

    The “End of the Mayan Calendar” and the “end of the World” Theme

    For an expert interpretation please click on the image
    For an expert interpretation  click on the image

    The Mayan prophecy circus is akin to the Bush administration assertion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Ask those professing “Mayan Prophecies” for proof and you will transform the conversation into a hem and haw session.

    The only event predicted by the Maya is a mytho-symbolic rendering (mural) of the suns conjunction with the approximate galactic center as it will appear on Dec. 21, 2012.

    Those wanting a more detailed description of the conjunction may review John Major Jenkins work on the subject.

    The Conjunction has been happening for some time now. It takes 36 years for the sun to traverse what is known as the galactic equator. The actual midpoint of this event took place in 1998.

    But what does the conjunction mean to us. The conjunction means that we are at beginning of a new cycle of galactic-alignment-dec-21-2012-2time(age) as measured by Meso-american calendrics. Beginning implies the ending of the current age(time cycle).

    Thematicallywe are in a potentially transformative or transitional period.

    The question is one of magnitude and of what gets transformed or what do we transition to.

    No where will you find a Mayan prophecy that says this or that will happen. It is only by understanding the cyclical nature of existence and the study of trends that we may generalize about the future.

    Are we going to build a better economic model? Are we going to build a better social model? Are we going to invent and buy more landfill products or are we going to learn how to work less and enjoy life more?

    Are we going to stop our leaders from waging war in the name of capitalism or are we going to spend our money on improving our society and our polluting technologies?

    Incidentally the worlds problems stem from the current world wide domination of the West’s economic-political system. Tame the prevailing economic-political system of the Western world and you solve the worlds problems.

    washington-monument-crowdsEasily said, but bear in mind that numerically those who would vote in favor of a sustainable and more equitable economic-political system out number those who would continue to perpetuate the current unsustainable system at any cost by a margin of at least 100,000 to one.

    That number is a world-wide approximation and the estimate assumes that everybody is properly informed of how corrupt the worlds governments are and of the true nature of the Western worlds economic and political system.

    A few members of our species are unreformable and they belong behind bars for they are the real menace to society and the planet. They support and justify the destruction of entire nations for gain and profit.

    Currently the prevailing culture of the Western world operates an economic system that behaves as if the planets resources are infinite while it is the opposite that is true.

    We can easily project to a point in time when the harsh realities of an over-exploited planet become undeniable and widespread.

    We can also project a future in which the people will refuse to support the militaristic and economically exploitive policies of their governments and corporations.

    Revolutions have occurred in every great civilization that has ever existed. The leadership is ruled by extreme revolution-book-by-heather-zydekindividuals who lack self restraint when it comes to power and riches.

    It is only when the people have been taxed to the point where it breaks the proverbial camels back that a revolution ensues–a mytho-symbolic phrase for critical juncture

    Bread(cheap junk food) and circus’s(5000 TV channels & Faux News) keeps the people entertained and pacified in their homes.

    The big problem for governments these days is that the internet exists and information about just how corrupt our governments are is flowing out of more and more channels every day.

    Indignation at the degree of government-corporate corruption is growing.

    As long as the trend continueswe can project a future in which a critical mass of humanity is sufficiently informed and taxed so as to demand significant policy changes to the way governments and corporations conduct themselves.

    The question is how far off into the future are these highly probable events.  Scientist believe that we are reaching points of irreversible damage to our planet within the near future?

    Certain segments of the population believe that the social transformations I speak of may concur with the approach of 2012. Those who regard the Christian apocalyptic theme also feel that Armageddon can’t be too far off.

    The ancient or contemporary Maya made or make no predictions about what could or would happen during the close of the current Long Count cycle and there is no evidence to accompany any of the popular and outlandish claims made about impending geo or solar-physical catastrophes.

    The catastrophe is and has been happening and its called Western Imperialism and economic growth at any cost!

    Thematically we can say that we are at the end point of a vast cycle of time, but will the end of an age bring an end to anything else is the question.  The world will not end, but the world as we know it may.

    The Case for Socio-Cultural Transformation

    Actual 3-D depiction of World Wide Internet Connectivity courtesy,

    The techno-addicts speak of a singularity in which the rate of technological innovation forces some radical transformation of society.

    But I don’t care much for their vision of a world where machines are smarter than humans and practically running our lives.

    But what is interesting is the science behind the belief that leads them to think that a transition looms on our horizon.

    The mainstream political body views a time when the population will exceed the carrying capacity of the earth and what ensues is a desperate fight for whatever resources remain.

    They have already begun that war and it’s called the Long War. The primary carriers of this vision(virus) are the Plutocrats and their henchmen, the militarists. War has always been fought over resources, but not for lack of, but rather for want of more, more and more.

    The oil company executives of the Western world were already multi-millionaries when they decided to invade Iraq. They knew peak oil was coming and they did not want their profit margins squeezed by dwindling oil deposits.

    So instead of investing in non-polluting renewable sources of energy they have destroyed an entire nation and they have shattered the lives of thousands of well meaning soldiers and their families.

    There is nothing more evil and sickening on this planet than the political-corporate forces behind the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Invading Iraq gave the Western oil Industry access to Iraq’s oil.

    That is what war has been about ever since the creation of the first empire 4500 years ago. Empire means territory, resources and political domination gained by bribery, taxation, coercion, force or warfare.

    The USA is the most bloated Empire of all time. The global drama that has been unfolding is one in which the us-military-bases-around-the-worldvillain is and always has been the Plutocrats or prevailing culture of the reigning political-corporate and military power establishment.

    The governments and commercial interests of the world have been able to deceive the public of their true intentions for millennia.

    Their power to do so has been diminishing thanks to the arrival the printing press and now their power is even steeper decline as the worlds fastest cultural trend–online interaction–goes into high gear.

    The climax I see is based on the trends that anyone willing to see can see.

    A way of life and world view developed in the harsh desert enviroment of the Middle East 5500 years ago is dying–a culture of male domination, economic exploitation, gender imbalance, economic militarism and empire building as the sport of kings, has invaded the entire 

    world and it current power holders are the political-corporate leaders of the Western world.

    If the current crisis is not its last leg then it can’t be too far off. The crisis of capitalism is the result of empire building at the expense of the environment and the public.

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    Domination, exploitation, secrecy, economic militarism are not compatible with an informed public. The Establishment loses power as the public becomes more aware of the magnitude of government-corporate corruption.

    The trend is—growing public awareness of the way business is really done on planet earth by the big players and the only thing that can stop the trend is government censorship of one kind or another.

    tiananmen-squareThe only world that could and should end by 2012 or sometime thereafter is the world of corruption that is currently trashing the planet and stealing all the wealth.  The choice is between a cooperative planetary societyor increasingly larger versions of Armageddon.

    Please remember that our leaders have been trying to plant in our heads to expect a Long War.

    Any War is Armageddon when a 2000 pound bomb falls in your backyard. That happens weekly in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan and Africa.

    If indeed transition is the primary theme of the current era then we can’t ignore the most likely candidate for transition—the dominant socio-cultural paradigm that is exemplified and held in place by the prevailing culture of Western Civilization.

    Growing Socio-Cultural Trends of the last 100 years. Powered by the Many & with CooperationDying Socio-Cultural Trends of the last 5500 years. Powered by the Few & by ForceEmerging Cultural Movements forming the foundation of a Cooperative Planetary Culture.Prevailing Culture: Western Civilization. — A 5500 year old destructive process whose time has come.Gender BalanceAnti-EstablishmentHuman Rights Social JusticeGlobalization of Prevailing CultureEconomic Justice. Equitable and Egalitarian Economic ModelsMulti-lateral Disarmament       Swords to Ploweshares Planetary Restoration CooperativeBusiness — Military Industrial Complex Ecology–Environmental ProtectionEconomic Growth at Any CostInternet–Freedom of Information–TransparencyDemocratization or Power of the Public.  Power is Shared & DecentralizedDirect Democracy. The Internet makes True Democracy Possiblepeople-globekilling-hope-william-blum-cia-covert-ops

    “The Battle to End All Battles?”

    Which way are we headed?

    Humanity is at a multitude of crossroads. Transition means we must choose between the two different pathways available to us.

    Emerging cultural movements are growing and converging and we have solutions in hand.

    Prevailing culture is gasping for air and will not voluntarily stand down to permit the necessary transition from a toxic and destructive system of socio-cultural disorder to a revitalizing and sustainable socio-cultural order, therefore a confrontation looms.

    The confrontation must be non-violent for cannot expect to create the foundations of a New World on the foundations of the old.

    The Change needed to avert more environmental and social catastrophes will only come because we demand it. We can not rely on the platitudes of “hope and change you can believe in.”

    Those of us who wish to pass on a world worth inheriting must act upon the values which will carry us on in to the future. That future lies in the hands of a Cooperative Planetary Culture built upon the ideals and principles of egalitarianism, gender balance, non-violence and ecological balance. earth-puzzle


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