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Redoubt could destroy mankind

nnSorry for the headline, but this is a quick update to emphasize the media and their love of destruction. For example, Redoubt is, indeed, showing signs of a pending eruption, but how large of an eruption is anyone’s guess. Most news sources have been fairly restrained with their headlines, such as:n

nYou get the idea. However, this afternoon FoxNews came out with:n

nNow, talk about sensationalizing a potential eruption. Sure, there is that chance, but along the probability tree (pdf link) for eruption at Redoubt, “burying Anchorage” in ash might not be one of the most likely events possible. If you read the FoxNews report, it actually is almost exactly the same was most of the wire reports we’ve seen so far, so no new data that would suggest the volcano going “going nonlinear”. I think we have another fine example of what happens when the media gets a little bit of information and tries to spin it for more readers.


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