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Readers Take the Wheel

It is nice to see the readership of Waq al-waq so on the ball as I’ve temporarily stepped away from the wheel – no need to worry Brian is an able pilot – until May 15. Alle points out quite rightly that the al-Hurra segment quickly devolved (predictably?) into a shouting match between the government guest and the TAJ guest. My performance meanwhile was limited. But for those of you who have never been to Yemen and are wondering what an event at a place like, say, Dar al-‘Afif looks like the May 5 showing of the “Free Hour” is a good imitation. I felt like I was back in Yemen.

Also, another anonymous reader (as most of Waq al-waq’s tend to be) points out that there is an interview with Nasir al-Wahayshi on the jihadi forums. I’ve only skimmed the first page or two as I wait for university printers to warm-up, but I believe this if the full version of the interview al-Wahayshi did back in January. Those looking for analysis will find none here – at least until after May 15.

In other news, the calm that returned didn’t last long. And journalists are upset.


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