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If you’re godlike and you know it, clap your hands! *clap clap!*

I foresee all of us being given the chance to rise.  I believe Humanity is the last hope for survival of this universe, and we’ve been created as such.  I believe we’ve been carefully tended to and grown into one ideal form of society to help others in this universe survive.  In my carefully observed opinion, there are alot of facts revolving around this belief. 

For example, I believe that conservation laws apply to everything in this universe, even things like creative thought, or simply the way we live.  Darwin completes that by giving us the knowledge of how evolution works, how nature chooses the survival of a species.  But this is not so different from everything else in our world.  The way we live is a way of life created over years and years of hard work and struggle. 

We don’t create anything anymore.  I don’t even know if we ever have, because I observe everything being built off of other ideas.  Like I said before, good ideas are good ideas because they “feel” right in the eye of the beholder.  And thus, when judgment is passed onto a thought, it’s either “good” or “bad”.  But a bad idea is just as constructive as a good idea, is it not?  Do we not demolish a building if it is not good?  Is this not deconstructive to a point, in relation to the original building?

This statement carefully observes the fact that society will generally find a way to justify anything.  If there is a means to desire something based on the judgment of that demolition being good (i.e. Money will be made this way) the ends will define the deconstruction as “good”. 

I observe that a demolition is a good thing in the eyes of a builder.  I prophecize that once our usefulness in our creativity is expired, and all our good ideas are harvested, we will be extinguished.  Of course, this is just what adds up when you incorporate the Gnostic interpretation of Jesus.  In my head, at least.  I see a world run by good things.  I see a useful purpose about to expire as our world corrodes into desires, or at least, what will eventually become a cesspool of desire for good things only. 

Do you notice that the world is now all about good things?  That there are no more evil things to build around?  Is it possible that, unless someone takes the risk to be evil, our society will eventually corrode into that evil?

I don’t think it should be allowed.  Therefore, evil things are not so bad, in the eye of this beholder.  I can walk that faded line and do the right thing.  But how many others will recognize that?  It reminds me of a South Park episode where some crazy “Book Bus” driver started killing chickens all around town, just to get Officer O’Grady to learn how to read. 

Can anybody here call that justice?  I do.  I think it should be embraced.  It’s a rough road, and no there’s no light in it.  There’s no truth in doing an evil thing, there’s only truth in the good thing. 

It would be counterproductive, in my opinion, to choose one solely over the other.  Maybe I should start being evil.  But, in your heart, how evil do you think it would be, if only for the good?

Discuss.  I do not see good things in our future.


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