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Physics of Collective Consciousness

Working in EM fields by use of emotions.

“Neural mind is connected to executive functions of bodily changes, an already fixed form of the mental processes. Consciousness, as understood by mainstream science, is an extremely small part of this executive neural mind. Our calculations and arguments strongly suggest, that consciousness may be and, by nature, has to be of a much wider range. Beside the quantitative intensification of the neural mind, we can develop and improve the quality of our brains’ activity, spontaneity, tuning in to the much faster and subtler electronic, EM and quantum-vacuum minds. Consciousness may regain its natural functions only when finding a partnership with his parental, subtler minds, with human communities, with Nature and the Universe.”(Attila Grandpierre Ph.D. p.35, The Physics of Collective Consciosnees)

Grandpierre tries to prove that positive emotions can raise the level of brain activity and if the conciousness works through EM fields it can change intersctions and produce a “daughter” field. Goes on to suggest that this induction can be the basis of a “group effect” an activity level while interacting with another human, consciously or without awareness.

Sounds like a lot of the same hocus/pocus we have been discussing for the past three months.

I fail to understand Grandpierre’s  relationship of the brains EEG waves being in the range of earths EM waves. I am a strong believer in chance.


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