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Olivia Munn’s First Daily Show Assignment is Pretty Good

The Daily Show sent its newest correspondent, Olivia Munn, to Phoenix to interview a state senator who wants to ban photo radar as an unconstitutional invasion of privacy, but who co-sponsored SB 1070, Arizona’s infamous “Papers Please” law.

Under SB 1070, speeding gives an officer probable cause to demand proof of immigration status. The state senator maintains that photo radar is unconstitutional because automated clocking of your car’s speed doesn’t constitute probable cause that you’re speeding.

Munn stumps the senator when she says, “It’s as if these cameras prosecute based not on reasonable suspicion, but on irrefutable evidence.” It’s a beautiful moment.

Munn’s interview with a pro-photo radar activist isn’t quite as funny–maybe because she dials up the ditz quotient. The main joke her accusing the activist of “speedism” for wanting to ticket cars based on how fast they’re going. She’s supposed to be so shocked at his speedist remark that she offers to turn off the camera and redo the question, but her shocked act is stiff and unconvincing, even by the standards of a fake news interview.

Note to Daily Show writers: Munn is much funnier when she acts normal and lets unwary interview subjects assume she’s stupid (at their peril) than when she plays dumb for comic effect.

Munn’s Arizona assignment is a big improvement over her two previous TDS segments.

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