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Mystery Volcano Photo #26

Time for your weekly dose of volcano mystery!

When we last left MVP, the latest entry actually did give people some trouble – but Don Crain ended up landing the winner at guess #15. The volcano is Ollagüe along the Chilean/Bolivian border. I took this shot from the road that comes up from the south towards Ollagüe (the town). Now, I have been to Ollagüe (the town) in almost 10 years now, but I did stay in a “hotel” called the Hotel Brin Bran – good soup, surly owner, nice view of both Ollagüe (the volcano) and Aucanquilcha. Definitely the vacation spot if you’re visiting the high Andean Chilean/Bolivian frontier.


So, our standings:
nBoris Behncke – 4
nDon Crain – 4
nThe Bobs – 3
ngijs – 2
nvolcanista – 1
nLockwood – 1
nElizabeth – 1
nRalph – 1
nAnne – 1
nCam – 1
ngg – 1
nDamon Hynes – 1
nMarco – 1
nDoug C. – 1
nDiane – 1
nStephen – 1
nMK, Alberta – 1
nKultsi – 1
nHenrik – 1


Boris and Don are now tied for first!


So, I’ll try another tricky one (in my mind) for MVP #26.

nClick on the image to see a larger version.


Good luck!


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