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Mystery Volcano Photo #24

Another mystery volcano photo – and this one should be fun!

MVP 23 revealed … and 24 introduced!

Mystery Volcano Photo #23 was, in fact, Middle Sister volcano in Oregon, part of the picturesque Three Sisters near Bend. Middle Sister is a partially eroded (by glaciers) composite volcano with a mix basaltic andesite to andesite lava flows and tephra deposits. Depending on who you speak with, Middle Sister gets lumped in with North Sister (as Middle Sister build up on the flanks of its slightly older sibling) or stands on its own as a part of the Three Sisters. However, before thinking Middle Sister is dormant, remember, the last eruption might have been as recent as ~440 A.D.

Current Standings:

The Bobs – 3

Don Crain – 3

Boris Behncke – 3

gijs – 2

volcanista – 1

Lockwood – 1

Elizabeth – 1

Ralph – 1

Anne – 1

Cam – 1

gg – 1

Damon Hynes – 1

Marco – 1

Doug C. – 1

Diane – 1

Stephen – 1

MK, Alberta – 1

Kultsi – 1

And now, here is another mystery photo (and it might be a doozy).

Click on the image to see a larger version.

Good luck!


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