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Mystery Volcano Photo #22

A great volcano shot for the holiday weekend – and you can make your best guess at what volcano it is!

Maybe I should be pleased that in the last Mystery Volcano Photo took a whole five guesses rather than one or two, so I count it as success! The correct guess was made by Dr. Boris Behncke, so that elevates him into a tie for first.

Current Standings:

The Bobs – 3

Don Crain – 3

Boris Behncke – 3

gijs – 2

volcanista – 1

Lockwood – 1

Elizabeth – 1

Ralph – 1

Anne – 1

Cam – 1

gg – 1

Damon Hynes – 1

Marco – 1

Doug C. – 1

Diane – 1

Stephen – 1

The 21st MVP was submitted by Eruptions reader David Tucker, who snapped it while flying over the Kamchatka Peninsula on his way to Japan. The volcano in question is Krasheninnikov, a fascinating looking system where two stratocones sit inside a larger caldera of Pleistocene age. The last known eruption was potentially as recently as 1550 AD.

So, with that, we’ll move onto the next MVP, lined up for the holiday weekend (here in the U.S.), here it is MVP #22, submitted by another Eruptions reader:

Mystery Volcano Photo #22. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Take your best guess!


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