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My top 11 posts from 2006

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It’s a new year: a good time to reflect on my past 4+ months of blogging. It’s been quite an adventure. My learning has been exponential on a number of different fronts because of this blog. Here are what I consider to be my 10 most important posts of 2006 (in chronological order):

  1. Servant leadership? (August 23)
  • Defeatist schools (August 24)
  • Who are our technology leaders? – Part 2 (August 25)
  • It’s the first day of school! (September 5)
  • Why blog as an administrator? – Wrap-up (September 11)
  • Digital kids. Analog schools. (September 14)
  • Are educational leadership faculty future-oriented? (September 19)
  • Not enough time to be data-driven (October 18)
  • Gaming, cognition, and education – Wrap-up (October 30)
  • Riding llamas in Peru (November 8)
  • And, of course, the most important post of all was my first one!

    This is going to be harder next year when I have an entire year’s worth of posts to sift through…


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