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MVP #18: Antelope Hill, AZ

It took some careful examination of topo maps, Google Earth and other photos to figure it out, but the identify of the latest Mystery Volcano Photo is no longer a mystery.

Well, this MVP was a bit trickier than most, thanks to the fact that most scoria/cinder cones look pretty similar and some initial confusion about the photo in the first place. Anyway, lets review!

The photo:

It was identified by the sender as Missouri Bill Hill in Arizona. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

From Google Earth, Missouri Bill Hill:

After close examination by me and all of you, it seems that the consensus is that it is, in fact, Antelope Hill in Arizona – both near each other in the same volcanic field.

From Google Earth, Antelope Hill:

This leaves me confident that Antelope Hill is the cinder/scoria cone in the photo. Congratulations to Doug C. for getting this right even before we dissected the image.

Current MVP Standings:

The Bobs – 3

Don Crain – 2

gijs – 2

Boris Behncke – 2

volcanista – 1

Lockwood – 1

Elizabeth – 1

Ralph – 1

Anne – 1

Cam – 1

gg – 1

Damon Hynes – 1

Marco – 1

Doug C. – 1


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