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Meet 24 top innovators

In a feature called Innovators at the Gate, FORTUNE magazine recently profiled 24 disruptive innovators, including Craig Venter (the guy who helped map the human genome), Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons of Yelp, legendary venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, and Martin Eberhard of Tesla Motors: “Call them innovators, entrepreneurs, or good

old-fashioned trouble-makers. These 24 disrupters have gone up against

the odds as they’ve rattled old industries and tried to create new ones.” Eberhard, for example, is attempting to build a car with the performance of a Ferrari, but more than twice the fuel efficiency of a Toyota Prius.

ASIDE: If you’re reading this issue of FORTUNE magazine offline, the title has another, more subtle meaning. In addition to referencing the business classic Barbarians at the Gate, the title also refers to the fact that the magazine feature is a gate fold, like this or this.

[image: Craig Venter]


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