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LinkAsia TV with Host Yul Kwon Explores Asian Culture, Business, Technology and Politics

The Link TV network — along with PBS — is one of only two non-profit networks you will find on cable TV.  Caty Chattoo, a faculty colleague in the School of Communication at American University, is currently collaborating on an innovative television project with the network called LinkAsia TV

From the series description:

From Beijng to Tokyo, from Seoul to New Delhi and beyond, LinkAsia takes viewers into media about Asia – from Asia – offering unfiltered insight into one of the most diverse, fast-paced regions of the globe.

 Each week, LinkAsia brings you a unique half-hour program that combines everything from the official state news from Asia’s top television’s networks to the trends and conversation rising through Asia’s blogs and social media.

The series is hosted by Yul Kwon, a lawyer, management consultant, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in Arlington, Virginia who gained publicity as the winner of the reality TV show Survivor: Cook Islands. Kwon currently serves as Deputy Chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau for the Federal Communications Commission.

As a consulting producer, AU’s Chattoo works with Kwon on introductions and wraps that are shot from the School of Communication’s Media Production Center and green screen studio.  You can watch a promo for the series below:


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