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Innovating in an age of instant obsolescence

At a time when product lifecycle times are rapidly shrinking and the global economy is forcing organizations to adopt high-velocity business processes, is it really possible that even the most innovative companies can continue to introduce game-changing innovations at a breakneck pace? Jim Carroll tackles the issue head-on, based on his experience consulting with a number of highly-innovative companies (e.g. J. Crew, Body Armour, Adobe). There are a number of best-in-class practices that these companies leverage during the innovation process. These companies tend to:

  • Focus on operational excellence
  • Create high expectations for growth, as well as an IT infrastructure that enables such growth
  • Develop instant, need-driven relationships with their partners
  • Focus on rapid agility for new market demands
  • Adhere religiously to a “fast time to market” philosophy
  • Focus on quick marshalling of resources to accomplish velocity
  • Provide for instant scalability, given market volatility and rapid change
  • As a follow-up, Jim Carroll also provides links to podcast interviews from a recent conference dedicated to the broader theme of innovation in an age of instant obsolescence.

    [image: Polish surrealist painter Jacek Yerka]


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