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IDEO Method Card iPhone Application


Since 2003, IDEO has distributed more than 10,000 decks of its Method Cards to innovators and creative types around the world. Now, the legendary design & innovation firm is making the IDEO Method Cards available as an iPhone app. Get the first 8 cards as a free Method Card iPhone app, or get the full deck as a $4.99 application. It’s all part of an ongoing effort to keep IDEO relevant for the mobile generation:

“[…] As
a design tool meant to help people explore new approaches and develop
their own, we realized it was time to evolve its form. We wanted to
experiment with a mobile platform and make it more readily available to
an ecosystem of users who can take this tool to a new level. Thus, the
Method Card iPhone app.

After talking to avid Method Card users, we uncovered interesting
insights when translating the cards from the physical world to the
virtual world. We found that users have their favorites embedded within
the 51 cards, as “go-to” sets for use in the field. In addition, with
the coupling of the Voice Memos app, you can now record your
observations in the field while sliding through the cards. Navigation
of the cards is similar to the experience of browsing through photos in
the Photos app.”

The new IDEO iPhone app is a great example of how companies can take hugely successful and/or popular products and keep them technologically relevant. A big hat tip to Chuck Frey of Innovation Tools for bringing this to my attention!

[image: IDEO Method Cards iPhone App]



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