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Guest Blogging at The American Prospect’s Blog TAPPED (Mar 14-18)

This week, I will be guest blogging at TAPPED, the group blog of the American Prospect. I’ve got big plans for the week ahead. Please join me.

My first post is on right wing hoaxster James O’Keefe and the established media outlets who enable him. Two senior NPR executives lost their jobs before Glenn Beck’s blog (!?) exposed deceitful editing and audio anomalies that hint at outright tampering.

Now the federal funding for NPR is hanging in the balance and two senior executives have lost their jobs on the basis of highly questionable evidence.

O’Keefe is often identified as the man who brought down ACORN. The truth is, O’Keefe’s work did not stand up to scrutiny, but Congress stampeded to defund ACORN anyway, without due process.

I’ll still be posting here at Focal Point, too. Stay tuned.


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