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futurethink: the best innovation newsletter

Of all the innovation e-newsletters that I currently receive in my e-mailbox, my new favorite is the one from New York City-based futurethink. Unlike most e-newsletters – which are basically advertisements and solicitations for business wrapped around rather sparse content – the futurethink e-mail newsletter is chock full of interesting, engaging content. Among the items featured in the current issue:

(1) An 18-minute TED Talks video clip from designer Philippe Starck on the topic Why Design?

(2) An innovative organization in Denmark sponsored by the Danish Business Council;

(3) A 5-minute NPR interview with GOOD Magazine founder Ben Goldhirsh;

(4) A link to a McKinsey Quarterly article on “social innovation”;

(5) A brief summary of an intriguing book called The Opposable Mind;

(6) A profile of an innovative entrepreneur in Lithuania.

All of the above are great weekend reading. If you’re interested, click here to subscribe to the futurethink e-newsletter.

[image: FutureThink]


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