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Eruptions Summer Schedule

I’m off in the field for a while – but no worries, Eruptions has a lot in store while I’m off in the Sierras.

Mineral King valley in California.

Well, we are in the peak of the summer, so Eruptions will be running a bit of summer schedule while I’m off away from the interweb tubes. First off, from July 11-20, I’ll be off in the mountains, doing some much-needed fieldwork with my (first) undergraduate research student. We’ll be up in the Mineral King area of Sequoia National Park looking at some old rhyolites and granites – we’re talking Triassic and Jurassic submarine and subaerial calderas! We’ll hopefully be taking a look at zircons in these rocks to help constrain the timescales of these enigmatic early “Sierran” volcanics (all as a part of a larger Keck Project).

While I’m out in the field, look for some posts that will show up (hopefully automatically):

Guest blogger Dr. Ed Kohut will give us a tour of the Mariana Islands and magma genesis in that volcanic arc.

– A new Eruptions Word of the Day.

Mystery volcano photos that will hopefully stump more of you.

– And an open thread for you to post in case something exciting happens … or to discuss whatever volcanic topics catch your fancy.

Enjoy the summer while I’m out in the rocks … !


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