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Eruptions Holiday Break

Well, we’ve reached the holidays again, so Eruptions will be heading off on its annual Holiday break. After this rather busy semester – academically, professionally and volcanically – I need a little time off to recoup for 2011. I’ll post the answers to the Adam Kent Q&A later today but unless something big (such, as, I don’t know Etna and Stromboli decides to start making more noise) happens over the next week (and I can stand blogging on a dial-up connection), you all can feel free to post here with whatever news and discussions you like. I will be back to regular blogging around December 30. (However, I will have decent mobile coverage, so you might see me show up on Twitter occasionally from my not-so-smart phone – @eruptionsblog).

Remember, nominate some volcanoes for the 2010 Pliny for volcanic event of the year – and if you have any personal recollection of the volcanic events that made your 2010, feel free to leave them over on the nomination post or send me an email (eruptionsblog at gmail dot com). Right after the New Year, I’ll be posting the 2010 Volcanic Year in Review so we can look back at all the action of the year.

Until then, have safe and happy holidays and I’ll be back in a week.


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