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Eastman Chemical’s innovation & design site


nWhen (or if) you think about innovation within the chemicals industry, names like DuPont, Dow Chemical or maybe a big conglomerate like GE come to mind. But did you know that the relatively tiny Eastman Chemical Company (not to be confused with Eastman Kodak) has put together a state-of-the-art innovation and design site featuring conversations and interviews with leading innovators that the company is calling  A Smorgasbord of Ideas:


“The Eastman Innovation Lab isn’t your every dayncorporate website; it’s an unconventional, sometimes irreverent (butnalways relevant) resource for designers. That’s why we interview somenof the design world’s most creative and influential thinkers – you cannlisten to their opinions, and not ours. Designers, brand owners andneducators – people who look at the world differently – help us bringnyou a smorgasbord of ideas. Some of them use Eastman materials; some donnot. That’s not as important as what they know, and what they have tonsay.


From Yves Béhar, founder of the San Francisco design firm,nfuseproject, and storyteller extraordinaire, to Marc Rosen, renownedncosmetics packaging designer, to Robyn Waters, author of “ThenTrendmaster’s Guide”, we offer an eclectic mix of viewpoints fromnpeople we respect and you’ll enjoy… The menu is constantly evolving and expanding. So stop by ournsmorgasbord often and check out what’s new. Watch out for the picklednherring.”


Be sure to check out the “intricately curvaceous” POM Wonderful bottle with an “ergonomically correct” handle, made to resemble three pomegranates stacked one on top of the other.


[image: Eastman Innovation Lab]



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