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DC EVENT: Nisbet & Point of Inquiry Host DJ Grothe

The studios of Point of Inquiry

For those in the DC area, Wednesday evening I will be speaking at the one year anniversary of the Center for Inquiry’s Public Policy office [Details Below]. Also making remarks will be DJ Grothe, host of the popular Point of Inquiry podcast series. Recently celebrating its 100th episode, POI has hosted many notable discussions of issues related to science, religion, and public engagement. At Framing Science I have spotlighted several of these guests’ remarks including those of Paul Kurtz, Carol Tavris, and Phil Kitcher.

First Anniversary Party!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 | 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Please join CFI for a wine and cheese reception to celebrate its latest achievements in our nation’s capital. The evening program includes…

* D.J. Grothe, host of CFI’s popular Point of Inquiry pod cast

Being Right Isn’t Always Enough

* Matthew Nisbet, assistant professor of communications at American University

Framing Science: The Future of Public Engagement

* Updates on legislative action, legal cases, and branch events

* Donor and volunteer recognitions

* Door prizes and a silent auction

* Birthday cake!

Public Welcome | $15 Admission


or 202-546-2331

Center for Inquiry/DC

621 Pennsylvania Ave. SE

Washington, DC 20003


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