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Guest Thinkers

David Pogue at ITEC

I missed most of David Pogue’s presentation this morning at ITEC because I had to first meet the folks from the carpet company who were coming to measure the rooms in my new house. I did catch the end of his session, however, when he performed a few songs for us, including I Write The Code; Don’t Cry For Me, Cupertino; I Got YouTube; and Ode to the RIAA. Fun stuff.

I had a chance to walk with him to his signing session afterward and asked him what he thinks are critical skills for students / citizens in the 21st century. Unsurprisingly, he stressed the need for information literacy, media literacy, and the ability to discern “the difference between bloggers and news journalists.” I wish I had had more time to explore that last statement of his but I couldn’t keep him any further. If you’re not a regular reader of his New York Times blog, check it out.


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