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Congratulations to Khaled al-Hammadi

At a time like this, when so many of us are dependent on the brave reporting of journalists in Yemen, it is fitting that the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression recognized Khaled al-Hammadi of Yemen as one of two recipients for this year’s prize.

I have known Khaled for several years, and I can attest to everything the CJFE writes here:

Khaled al-Hammadi (Yemen) has worked as a photojournalist, correspondent and fixer for foreign media. He has spent 16 years trying to explain his country to the outside world, and because he has been so public and outspoken he has faced ongoing threats, attacks and harassment by the government administration and its security and army agencies. He has been arrested, kidnapped and had his equipment destroyed.”

Congratulations Khaled, Waq al-waq thanks you.


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