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Camel Hostages

Residents of an Australian community have been overrun by an invasion of thousands of camels – and many people are scared to leave their homes.

More than 6,000 marauding, thirsty camels are holding residents of a small central Australian community hostage. The Northern Territory Government said today that it would begin an emergency cull of the animals after the Docker River, about 500 kilometres south west of Alice Springs, became overrun by thousands of the creatures. “As well as the camels smashing water infrastructure in their hunt for moisture, the quality of drinking water in the town is being threatened by the decaying bodies of camels that have been trampled by their herd. The camels have over-run the airport, making it near impossible for aircraft to land or for medical emergency evacuations to take place. MacDonnell Shire Council chief executive officer, Graham Taylor said many members of the community were too frightened to leave their homes.”


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