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At NPR’s On the Media, a Focus on Framing Science

It’s definitely been a busy week trying to keep up with a seismic blog debate. I’ve tried to weigh in where I can and so has Chris Mooney. However, in regards to our Science Policy Forum article, I think that this NPR On the Media segment pushes along the discussion . The show airs over the weekend at 200 NPR affiliates, but you can listen right now by pressing play below. Chris has this to add, posted from an airport in Australia.

We will have more later this weekend. Stay with us.

PS: Some bloggers think that we are asking scientists to spin their results. In our article, we clearly don’t say that. You can read the full text linked at left. I am similarly explicit about this in the NPR interview.

–>Bora “Coturnix” Zivkovic joins us in addressing this false perception very clearly and effectively in this must-read post on “framing and truth.”

PS II: In the interview, I also describe how attacks on religion feed into the “conflict” norm so preferred by the news media, resulting in overly-simplified media images like this Time magazine cover from last fall. These media images provide a very convenient short cut for an important swing public of moderately religious Americans, a frame device that instantly communicates that science might be a threat to their way of life.


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