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Ask Penn Jillette About Magic and Atheism

The eccentric magiciansPenn and Teller used to come onstage naked at the beginning of performances, to demonstrate they didn’t have any “tricks up their sleeves.” And yet, Penn Jillette (the one who talks), who has published the recent book God No! Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales is returning to Big Think for an interview this Friday. And he has plenty of secrets to share.

Right now is your chance to submit a question to Penn Jillette for his Big Think interview.

Last time around, when Penn came to our studio in June, 2010, he opined on everything from the dynamics of the Penn and Teller duo to the Holy Book(s) to Glenn Beck.

Right here, Penn tells Big Think about the first magic trick he ever performed, and what magic will be like in the future:

Please post your questions in the comments below.


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