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Ask Jason Fried: Interview on the “New Workplace in the New Normal”

Key Takeaways
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What is the future of the workplace? Is new technology making the traditional office more efficient or is it making it extinct? Which innovations provide real solutions? These are some of the critical questions at the confluence of technology and work, as well as of leadership and collaboration.

On Thursday, July 22, Big Think and HP will host a live-streamed interview with Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals and author of the modern workplace manifesto “Rework.”

Titled the “New Workplace in the New Normal,” and covering a range of critical issues, this interview is the latest in HP’s Input | Output series on leaders that are inspiring innovative thinking.

The interview will be streamed-live:


Watch and participate at Big Think and at the HP Input | Output Web site.

Fried’s thoughts on the future of business, leadership, and technology have stirred strong feelings in the many readers of his blog and books, as well as in those who have followed the success of his company 37signals. His company model is both an innovation and a disruption to how work is done now.

Now is your chance to ask Jason a question on his work. Big Think editors will be collecting questions for Fried from now through the interview. Submit your questions by

Don’t miss this event on Thursday, July 22, at 2 PM EST. Until then, check out Jason’s blog Signal vs. Noise, his Twitter feed, and his earlier Big Think interview.


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