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Another one bites the dust

Thanks to all the readers who have been commenting as of late, it is nice to know that Waq al-waq isn’t (solely) an echo chamber.

Yemen features prominently, if invisibly, in this piece on Saudi’s arrest of an al-Qaeda member. It is quite clear that Yemen is the “neighboring country” that is mentioned, I also particularly like how the story stresses that al-Qaeda is a foreign organization, as if it didn’t exist in the kingdom. Clever.

I saw a couple of mentions of the arrest yesterday on the forums, but was a bit rushed and didn’t spend much time reading them, I’ll see if I can find them later today. We don’t know much about the arrest, besides that it took place in Buraydah. Al-Sharq al-Awsat is reporting that the suspect was A) not on the list of 85 and B) is in his 30s, although this last is not confirmed. He also appears to be someone that was helping individuals in Saudi make their way to Yemen, and is suspected of helping some former Guantanamo Bay detainees escape the country, although from what I’ve heard and read “escaping” the kingdom is not all that difficult.

The local Saudi paper, al-Watan, does not add much to our knowledge. But I link to it for those of you who can’t get enough Arabic news in the morning.


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