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All My American Prospect Links in One Place

Many thanks to the American Prospect for giving me the opportunity to guest blog at TAPPED last week.

Thanks also to my friends, family, colleagues, and loyal readers who helped make this a big success by linking, tweeting, commenting, and generally promoting this content to the hilt. I am in your debt. 

Some readers have asked me to post all the links in one place for easy reference. Here you go:

Keep the IRS Out of My Uterus! Refer to this next time someone tells you that the Tea Party are a bunch of small government libertarians who don’t care about “social issues” like controlling women’s bodies.

Judge Blocks Wisconsin Anti-Union Law.

DEA Seizes Georgia’s Sketchy Stash of Lethal Injection Drug. Executions on hold in Georgia after the DEA seizes a stash of drugs bought out of the back of a dingy driving school in London.

Preventing Childhood Obesity is Not Fat-Shaming.

The Warmth of Other Suns Wins National Book Critics Circle Award. My review of Isabel Wilkerson’s magnificent history of the Great Migration, during which 6 million black Americans relocated from the south to the north between 1915-1975.

Mainstreaming Anti-Contraception. How Kirsten Powers of Fox News and the Daily Beast are dragging fringe anti-contraception arguments into the mainstream.

James O’Keefe and Journalistic Malpractice. Any news organization that runs a James O’Keefe production as news is derelict in its journalistic duties.


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